We convert any kind of paper and board ranging from 20 gsm to 500 gsm:

Reel to Reel
2400 mm down to 30mm
Reel to Sheet
1450 mm down to 219mm
Sheet to Sheet
1550mm down to 1mm


We produce a wide range of end-user products:

  • Small reels with sizes ranging A0+ to A5 for reprographic and plotting machines
  • Sheets with sizes ranging from A0+ to A2 commonly used by architects and engineers
  • Copier papers A3 and A4 sizes for laser and inkjet copiers and printers
  • Folio size paper for printers up to 1400mm x 1600mm


  • Prompt and fast local delivery using our own fleet of trucks equipped with automated unloading lifts
  • Flexible warehousing options – from 1 to 2,000 sqm
  • International delivery available for all countries in the Middle East and  North Africa
  • We are also ready to meet any tailored requests and customized products


Quality is our priority… To ensure efficiency and to deliver the best-quality products, we have opted to rely on the German technology.

Our factory embodies a wide range of machines including:

  • Slitters/rewinders up to 240 cm
  • Sheeters of 140 cm of width
  • Electronic guillotines of 155 cm and 115 cm of widths
  • Cut-size sheeters with in-line wrapping (Pioneer on the Lebanese market)
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