Group Profile

Mr. Ibrahim N. DIAB introduced the first baler equipment in Lebanon in 1967 to press autobody scrap that was collected from throughout Lebanon and its neighboring countries. While the company continues its steel scrap business today under the company named DIAMETAL SAL”, it has diversified its activities to many areas including the paper industry, by establishing DIAPAPER SAL”. The paper company was founded in 1988.

Diapaper first focused on and developed its paper and cardboard conversion activities, establishing a paper converting plant on 12,000 square meters in Mkalles. In 1996, the company was restructured. New equipment was purchased. In particular, a fully-automatic cut-size sheeter was introduced for the production of A4 paper for copies and laser printers. Diapaper was thus the first company in Lebanon to introduce a fully-automatic cut-size sheeter to produce A4 and other paper for copiers and Laser printers. In 2003, the company expanded its plant that currently has a surface of  almost 20,000 square meters. Diapaper works closely with local and international printing houses and publishers, serving clients in the local market as well as in the international market with clients mainly located in the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region.


The company is a member of:

  • The Arab Federation of Paper, Printing, and Packaging Industries (SOPIL)
  • The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (A.L.I.)
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)
  • The Syndicate of the Owners of paper Industries in Lebanon (SOPIL)
  • Lebanese Graphic Arts Syndicate

Corporate Culture

Corporate Mission Statement:

Diapaper aims at maintaining its position as the middle east leading supplier of paper and board by constantly being the pioneer in implementing the latest technology, launching new products, and undertaking innovative projects. Client satisfaction is at the core of Diapaper’s mission.


Ethics & Business Practices:

The spirit of our culture is embodied in our core values of client focus, integrity, meritocracy, excellence, entrepreunerial spirit, and teamwork. We also pursue quality in everything we do.

At the core of our business remains our commitment to our clients.We strive to providing the best quality products to our customers, to anticipating their needs and meeting their expectations.


Social Responsibility:

We work to make a positive contribution to society through our focus on our responsible business practices, our people. Through human resources, development programs and diversity, we strive to create a respectful, secure, and enjoyable workplace for our employees. Furthermore, we aim to strengthening the young people which are the next generation of citizens. We are also dedicated to responsibly managing our natural resources and to respecting and protecting the environment.


Diapaper’s Board of Directors and owners

  • Nemr Ibrahim Diab
  • Wajdi Ibrahim Diab
  • Joumana Nemr Diab
  • Kathleen Wajdi Diab


Diapaper’s headquarters as well as Diapaper’s factory are located in the heart of the Industrial Zone of Mkalles at 2 Kms from Beirut’s downtown.